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Celtic Birthstone Chart and Birthstone Meanings

Celtic Birthstone Chart and Birthstone Meanings

Birthstones aren't just symbolic for the month someone was born; there's numerous meanings to each one. Birthstones are used to celebrate anniversaries as well as to serve as symbolism for a variety of different interpretations. You can shop our birthstone collection keeping in mind that the stone isn't simply for birth!

January Birthstone Jewelry

January Birthstone PendantGarnet is the January birthstone and is thought to keep travelers safe when worn. While commonly known as being used for protection, it is also said to represent faith, fidelity and truth.

Commonly Known Wedding Gift: Second Anniversary

February Birthstone Jewelry

February Birthstone PendantAmethyst is the February birthstone and is thought to strengthen relationships and provide courage to those who wore it. It is also identified with sincerity and strength. A regal jewel, at one time, only royalty could wear the gem.

Commonly Known Wedding Gift: N/A

March Birthstone Jewelry

March Birthstone PendantAquamarine is the March birthstone and is thought to cure a range of ailments simply by drinking the water where the gem had been soaking. aquamarine talismans we carried by some sailors,which they believe protected them against dangers in the sea. Additionally, some attribute aquamarine to contentment and eternal youth.

Commonly Known Wedding Gift: N/A

April Birthstone Jewelry

April Birthstone PendantThe diamond is the birthstone for April and most commonly identified with everlasting love and loyalty, it was once thought to represent courage.

Commonly Known Wedding Gift: Tenth Anniversary

May Birthstone Jewelry

May Birthstone PendantThe emerald is the May birthstone and who doesn't think of Ireland? The emerald has long been associated with fertility, rebirth, and love along with wisdom, growth and patience. Some believe the emerald also promotes intellect and integrity.

Commonly Known Wedding Gift: Twentieth and Thirty-Fifth Anniversaries

June Birthstone Jewelry

June Birthstone PendantPearl is the June birthstone and has a history of being associated purity while also being known for its tremendous strength and to increase self-esteem.

Commonly Known Wedding Gift: N/A

July Birthstone Jewelry

July Birthstone PendantThe ruby is the birthstone for July. It's thought to protect one from evil and equally signifies love and passion. Another common representation is that the ruby helps to preserve mental health by controlling desires of passion and the remediation of disputes.

Commonly Known Wedding Gift: Fourteenth or Fifteenth Anniversaries

August Birthstone Jewelry

August Birthstone PendantThe birthstone for August is peridot. Sometimes referred to as the "Evening Emerald" due to its light green color, this birthstone symbolizes strength. Nightmares are also said to dissipate for those who wear it.

Commonly Known Wedding Gift: Sixteenth Anniversary

September Birthstone Jewelry

September Birthstone PendantSapphire is the September birthstone and has a rich history. It was once regarded as a gem to protect the wearer from evil and poisioning. Additionally, it symbolizes purity and wisdom. In some circles, sapphire is thought to be associated with spirituality and inner peace.

Commonly Known Wedding Gift: Fifth Anniversary

October Birthstone Jewelry

October Birthstone PendantOpal is the October birthstone. Traditionally, the opal symbolizes faithfulness and confidence and are also believed to repel evil and serve as protection for eyesight.

Commonly Known Wedding Gift: N/A

November Birthstone Jewelry

November Birthstone PendantThe birthstone for November is Topaz / Citrine. It is said to symbolize love and affection and provides the wearer with greater strength and intellect along with light and joy.

Commonly Known Wedding Gift: N/A

December Birthstone Jewelry

December Birthstone PendantTurquoise is the December birthstone. It's thought of as a love charm and protector of harm. Turquoise often symbolizes good luck, success and has a calming effect on the mind. Rings of turquoise are said to dispel evil spirits.

Commonly Known Wedding Gift: Fourth Anniversary

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