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Mary, Queen of Scots - Arrested.

Today in Celtic History - May 19, 1568 - Scotland: Mary, Queen of Scots, arrested by order of Queen Elizabeth I of England.

In July 1567, Mary was forced to abdicate the throne in favor of her infant son, who would become James VI of Scotland and James I of England. With civil war continuing in Scotland, Mary fled to England, seeking sanctuary under her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I.

Although Mary was family, she was equally a threat to the reign of Elizabeth. Unsure of what to do with her, Elizabeth placed Mary under house arrest – for almost 20 years. The former Queen was moved to various locations to thwart plots against Elizabeth by the Catholics. Mary was executed on February 8, 1587.

Elizabeth died in 1603, with no heir to the throne. Mary’s son, James, became James VI of Scotland and James I of England, putting an end to the House of Tudor and the beginning of the House of Stuart in England.

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