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Cable Stitch Poncho

Cable Stitch Poncho

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Stay elegantly chic while protecting your skin from the harsh, icy fall and winter winds with this Cable Stitch Poncho. Pure Merino wool is used to create this chic piece, giving this sweater great insulating ability, moisture-wicking ability, and premium softness. This poncho drapes over the shoulders and falls in a way that allows it to flatter figures of all shapes and sizes. Adding some elegant, dynamic flow to the poncho is Aran stitching in a striking diagonal pattern that shows off intricate cable stitch variations that symbolize hopes for success. Full of mesmerizing texture and movement, this poncho will make a unique, fashion-forward addition to any woman’s wardrobe!

In Aran Island culture, the cable represents fisherman’s ropes and hopes for their successful trips. The pullover style of this poncho makes it quick and easy for anyone to take on and off. This makes the poncho perfect for layering with other winter pieces.

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