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Malcolm IV Becomes King

Today in Celtic History – May 24, 1153 – Scotland: Malcolm IV Becomes King

David I of Scotland was born in 1084 and at 29, became the Prince of the Cumbrians. He later became King of Scotland in 1124 and ruled until his death in 1153. David introduced several changes in Scotland during his reign including regional markets, implementing Gregorian Reform ideals, and introducing feudalism, to name a few. David I is considered a saint by the Catholic Church; a feast day was designated for celebration on May 24th.

In 1130, David’s nephew, Máel Coluim, led a rebellion against him. Several military campaigns ensued and in 1134, Coluim was captured, imprisoned, and not heard of again. By 1135, David had a majority of Scotland under his control and over the next seventeen years, continued his reign. With the death of his only son and heir in July of 1152, David named his 11-year-old grandson, Malcolm, to be his successor.

David took Malcolm on a tour around Scotland to introduce him to his subjects. By early 1153, David’s health began to rapidly deteriorate, and he died on May 24th of that year. Upon his death, Malcolm IV becomes the King of Scots.

Malcolm ruled Scotland until his death on December 9th, 1165 at just 24 years old. Some referenced Malcolm as extremely religious with an interest in warfare, while others referred to him as a weak, ineffective, and unpopular ruler, especially with the commoners. Without an heir, he was succeeded by his brother William.

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