A Celtic Journey - About Us

Our mission is simple - to share not only goods from the various Celtic Nations but moreover to share the pride, history and culture behind them. 

It was about 20 years ago when I took my first trip to Scotland.  I have always loved history and the things I experienced there were nothing I would have expected. The culture was vastly different than what I've witnessed growing up in the States. It was even the small things - some of the things most people take for granted in my mind. Things like giving up ones seat on the train for an elderly person or a female passenger. Walking past pubs on streets through the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, there were people singing patriotic and traditional songs in unison - something I've never seen here in the states.

What struck me was not only the diversity of the culture, but the pride therein as well as the history of the people of Scotland. I'd never been in a place that was more welcoming.

When I returned to the states, I began researching not just Scottish culture and history but likewise the history of the other Celtic nations. What I found was more of the same in the aspect of history, pride and diversity.

At celticgoods, we are passionate about Celtic history and culture and wanted a platform to share goods from the different Celtic nations. While some goods are sourced in the States, our goal is to offer goods which originate from the Celtic nations, are of excellent quality, unique and central to those cultures. 

Last Update 4/13/2019