Update for October 2022

While we are keeping an increasing amount of stock in the US, some items may be delayed coming in from the UK, sometimes far exceeding our 7-10 day average delivery window to US destinations for our customers. There are ongoing postal strikes throughout the UK at the moment, and we have seen our shipments from the UK delayed by a week or more than expected due to this. We try to schedule our deliveries around known strike days, but obviously these strike days are causing a fairly substantial delay in receipt of stock. We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we are importing as much as we can to mitigate delays being caused by shipments originating from the UK.

Shipping locations and rates

We are currently shipping worldwide! Shipping rates will be free to the continental US effective 9/21/2021.

All other areas, rates will be calculated and provided at checkout.

When Do I Get My Goods?

Many goods are sourced directly from various countries throughout the Celtic Nations. While we stock a majority of items directly, some are shipped from overseas to us first, quality inspected and out to you the same if not the next business day. Inventory is updated regularly and we make every attempt to disclose on the product page if an item will be shipped from outside of the US with general shipping time expectations based on our experience.

Please keep in mind:

  • Arrival of imported goods from outside of the US will vary in times. We cannot guarantee shipping times. While we stock many items locally, those which we do not have on hand will be sent to our distribution center, reviewed for quality and dispatched to you the same or next business day.
  • Depending on the method you've chosen for shipping, pricing will be provided for shipping outside of the US. Some shipping vendors will also provide shipping time estimates.
  • Purchases which leave our shop to the US will be provided with a tracking number which will be sent at the time of dispatch. *
  • Tracking numbers are generally provided by the shipping vendor when sending items outside of the US.

Please be patient with delivery. There are factors well outside of our control including availability, time originally dispatched as well as time through customs.

* If your total purchase is $10 or under, excluding tax, your purchase will be sent without tracking.

Last Update 10/23/2022