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Scottish Thistle and Amethyst Pendant

Scottish Thistle and Amethyst Pendant

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This is a beautifully handcrafted sterling silver pendant designed and imported directly from Cornwall.

The thistle holds important meaning for Scotland; in 1263, a fleet under King Haakon of Norway set out to conquer Scotland. According to legend, the fleet landed with hopes of surprising the Scottish Clansmen and removed their footwear to quiet their approach. As they walked barefoot, they entered an area covered with thistle. One Norwegian soldier was said to have yelled out in pain, awakening the Scots. The Norwegians were subsequently defeated at the Battle of Largs, preventing invasion.

Since that time, the thistle has been used on coins and badges by Scottish royalty and now represented beautifully as a pendant.

Includes the finest Italian made sterling silver 16” to 18” extender curb chain.

Ships from Cornwall, UK.

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