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Toucan of Scotland

Thistle Pendant Necklace

Thistle Pendant Necklace

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The thistle is a widely recognized symbol of Scotland and holds special significance in Scottish culture. Its origins as a symbol are said to date back to a historical event involving a surprise Norse attack on a group of Scottish warriors.

According to legend, in the 13th century during the reign of Alexander III, a group of Norse invaders attempted to infiltrate a Scottish camp at night. One of the attackers stepped on a thistle, which caused a commotion and alerted the Scots to the presence of the enemy. The Scots successfully repelled the attack, and the thistle thereafter became a symbol of Scotland's resilience and vigilance.

A unique design imported directly from Scotland, this beautiful thistle pendant is sure to compliment your outfit. Made of sterling silver.

Imported from the UK. Ships out the next business day from the US.

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